SAN JOSE, Calif., April 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Quantum Corp. (NYSE: QTM) today announced three new reference architectures to optimize key surveillance and security environments, addressing the storage challenges presented by new fixed cameras, expansions of existing security systems, and law enforcement implementations. The reference architectures provide the storage performance, capacity and accessibility that customers and integrators require at the foundation of today's new surveillance and security installations.

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Storage has typically been a costly element of video surveillance systems, forcing some customers and integrators to cut corners with the number of cameras deployed or the data retention rates they can adopt. Quantum's new reference architectures take a tiered storage approach to reduce the cost of storage, enabling retention times measured in months and years, rather than days. Leveraging established expertise in managing video-based data, the reference architectures support the higher resolutions, increased camera and sensor counts and real-time analytics that are driving data growth in surveillance and security environments. Industry analyst IHS Inc. reports that the average amount of data generated daily by new video surveillance cameras installed worldwide in 2015 was 951 petabytes and projects this will rise to over 2 exabytes daily by 2018.* The report highlights a trend among storage vendors that a hybrid approach of both on-site and off-site storage will be required for managing the large amount of data captured by these systems.

Delivering the Advantages of Tiered Storage in Three Validated Reference Architectures
Each of Quantum's three new reference architectures utilizes a tiered storage approach which has been tested and validated to deliver on performance and capacity metrics. In addition, Quantum's data management tools keep data easily accessible across storage media, with the simplicity of searching a C: drive, enabling users to get information when it is needed regardless of the storage tier where it resides.

  1. Surveillance and Security Architectures for Fixed Cameras: For environments with stationary cameras monitoring buildings, transit stations and other spaces, Quantum offers entry-level, mid-range and enterprise configurations starting as small as 38TB and scaling into the hundreds of petabytes. Leveraging storage solutions including disk, workflow storage and tape where they are best suited, Quantum's tiered storage approach works with the leading VMS solutions to deliver the lowest cost per day of retention at a range of starting points to meet customer requirements for scale and performance.
  2. Gateway Storage Architecture for Expanding Existing Installations: Quantum's gateway architecture provides a simple path to expand storage capacity for existing installations, utilizing its Artico™ appliance as a NAS-based target for VMS archival. Artico offers an easy, non-disruptive choice for adding scale-out storage, tape and cloud archive to an existing security environment. As requirements evolve and older equipment is retired, Artico provides an easy way to adapt and grow.
  3. Law Enforcement Storage Architecture: The consolidation of on-dash, body-worn and in-station surveillance camera technologies has put increasing pressure on law enforcement agencies to seek more affordable approaches to storage. Quantum's law enforcement storage architecture addresses this need with a simple primary storage and tape library configuration that provides an ideal storage platform for body-worn camera content. Easy to deploy and manage, this reference architecture offers flexible options for data retention, with a choice of an on-premise archive tier, off-premise cloud storage, or both. This hybrid approach can remove the limits of WAN connectivity while providing a cost-effective storage solution suited to most law enforcement environments.

Supporting Quotes

  • Josh Woodhouse, Senior Analyst, IHS: "The increased use of tiered storage systems is a major trend in the video surveillance storage market. Utilizing combinations of different storage technologies and media, this type of approach is designed to meet the growing storage demands of modern surveillance systems to enable cost-effective, longer-term retention of video surveillance data. With the body-worn camera market as a catalyst, the full integration of cloud storage as another tier will increase in the wider video surveillance storage market."
  • Wayne Arvidson, Vice President, Surveillance and Security Solutions, Quantum: "The potential for new surveillance technologies to utilize stored content is simply too great to allow them to be constrained by dated storage models. Old security storage architectures don't scale easily, creating a management nightmare — not just a demand for more capacity but for a different architecture to support the latest cameras and analytics. Quantum's tiered architectures can remove these barriers by acting as the foundation for modern surveillance infrastructures."

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* IHS, "Enterprise & IP Storage Video Surveillance Report – 2015," November 2015


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