Environmental, Social and Governance

Quantum FY2023 ESG Report

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Quantum Ethics and Compliance

We conduct business based on our OnTraQ - Quantum Corporation Code of Conduct and expect our external partners to model our standards.

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Quantum Protects People, The World, and Our Ethics

We are committed to providing stellar standards in protecting data and our resources, supporting our people and diversity, while adhering to our governance.


Protecting Data and Our Resources for the Future

While preserving your unstructured data is our business, we understand that using sustainable practices preserves the world around us. Our products are recyclable, we work with ISO 14001 compliant partners, and we reduce and offset our carbon footprint through various practices.


Putting People First

We are committed to upholding human rights for everyone, including our team members and business partners, through regular review practices.


Diversity and Compliance for All

We believe in supporting small businesses, minorities, those with disabilities, and fair-trade agreements in our day-to-day operations.